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Chinggis khaan airport transfers

How to get from Ulaanbaatar airport to city?

Chinggis Khan airport is located 18 km from the city center. Getting to and from Ulaanbaatar airport to the city is easy. There are 3 ways to get from the Ulaanbaatar airport to city. 

1. Taking the public bus

2. Taking a taxi

3. Private transfers

Take the public bus from Ulaanbaatar airport to city

Of course, the cheapest way of traveling between the airport and the city center is taking the public bus. Chinggis Khan airport doesn’t have an airport shuttle bus, but there is one public bus from the city center that stops at the airport.

The Bus line number is “Ч:7”. Bus lines are always written in Mongolian in front of the buses in Ulaanbaatar. 

See the airport bus routes on the below pictures

Ulaanbaatar airport bus

How can I take that bus from city center to the airport?

You can take the bus from the Central library or Ard bus stop. Remember the bus line sign below to be sure of the right bus. 

This bus can drop you off at the airport. We advise you to click the links for finding the above bus stops on google map and tracking your routes. Google Maps works pretty well in the city.

How can I take the bus from the airport?

The bus comes from City center and stops at the airport and continue the routes to the final stop and turn back to the City center.

But remember this bus only stops at the airport from the city center and continues to the final stop. So It is to get on the bus to the last stop and returning to the city.

You can get off the following bus stops in the city center. These are the bus stops downtown.

  1. Central library bus stop
  2. Saint Peterburg bus stop ( in front of Sukhbatatar Square)
  3. Bus stop of Mongolian national university


The bus stop at the airport is 150 m from the main gate. See the below picture.

Bus stop at Ulaanbaatar airport

The airport bus fare and timetable

  • The bus operates from 6:30 to 21:30 everyday day.
  • The bus frequent is 5 to 20 minutes intervals, depending on the time of the day.
  • One way fare is 500 MNT for one direction. Changing the bus line within 30 minutes are free of charge, 
  • No cash accepted, and you need a UB smart bus card to take the Ulaanbaatar public buses. 
  • UB bus card is 3600 MNT, and you should purchase the appropriate amount you wish. 
  • Unfortunately, the UB bus card is not sold at the airport. But you can easily buy a Bus card from the Convenience stores at the bus stop in the city center. 
  • The total travel time from or to the Central library bus stop is about 35-45 minutes. When there is a traffic jam, it takes longer.

Taxi at Ulaanbaatar airport

The second way to get from Ulaanbaatar airport to city is by taking taxis. There are Ub taxis outside of the Chinggis Khan airport. Taxi fare is 25000-40000 MNT to the city center, depending on your location. It would be best if you negotiated the price before you take them to prevent overcharging. Remember, most of the taxi drivers do not speak English. Also Some busy days, there are no taxis.

Moreover, someone may ask you to take a taxi service at the airport. Some people do taxi service. If you need to take them, negotiate the price first. We can not advise you this could be the right choice. If there are no official taxis, this would be your next choice.

There are only 600 official taxis serve in the UB that means not enough for Ulaanbaatar citizens. So people doing the taxi service with their private cars are everyday things in Ulaanbaatar today.

Ulaanbaatar airport taxi

Private transfers from Ulaanbaatar airport to city

You can also book your private airport transfer through your hotels, taxi companies, or travel companies in Ulaanbaatar. They may give you diifrent price options.

If you are just stepped off the plane, tired from a long flight, there can be no better choice than private airport transfer direct to your destination. Also, booking a private transfer is the safest way to take to your destination. Private transfer in Ulaanbaatar is not that expensive but give you the following benefits;

  • Less stress
  • Comfort and reduced tension
  • Security and reliability
  • And more

These are all ways to get from Ulaanbaatar airport to city. We hope this will help you.

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