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How to get from Ulaanbaatar airport to city?

New Chinggis Khaan International Airport (known as Ulaanbaatar airport) opened on 4th July 2021 and the old airport (Buyant Ukhaa airport) is no longer operational for international and domestic flights. New Ulaanbaatar airport is located 52 km from the city center (from Sukhbaatar square) in Khushitgt valley, Tuv province. There are several ways to get from the Ulaanbaatar airport to the city, including Public buses, airport shuttle buses, airport taxis, and private transfers.

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1. Public bus lines to new Ulaanbaatar airport

The public bus service was launched on June 24, 2022, from the Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Khushig Valley to Ulaanbaatar city. There are 2 bus public bus lines that are operational now.

Bus line 1: “Chinggis Khaan International Airport-Dragon Bus Station”

Bus line 2: “Chinggis Khaan International Airport-State Department Store”

Depart from Chinggis Khaan International Airport to Ulaanbaatar city at 07:10, 08:10, 12:20, 13:20, 17:50, 18:50 and 23:00, and 24:00.
Bus fare (one way):
10,000 MNT for an adult,
5,000 MNT for Children

Bus line 1: Chinggis Khaan International Airport to Dragon Bus terminal

Bus line 2: Chinggis Khaan International Airport to State department store

2. Ulaanbaatar airport shuttle buses

Ulaanbaatar airport opened shuttle bus services at the airport. However, this service is currently not running with a regular timetable. They collect passengers and serve them at the moment. If you prefer this service, you should contact them and book your seats. 

Shuttle bus routes:

Route 1

Route 2

3. Taxis at Ulaanbaatar airport (new international airport)

We currently have charter flights in Mongolia. Therefore, there are no regular taxis at the new Ulaanbaatar International airport. Taxi fare from the new Ulaanbaatar airport to city center ranges from 100,000 to 150,000 MNT depending on your arrival/departure locations. You can call taxi companies to book your ride. There are several taxi companies in Ulaanbaatar, including VIP taxi, UB cab.

Ulaanbaatar airport taxi

4. Private airport transfer at Ulaanbaatar airport

As you know, booking a private transfer is the safest way to take to your destination. You can book your private transfer through your hotels, taxi companies, or travel companies in Ulaanbaatar for the private transfer. They may give you different price options.

If you are just stepped off the plane, tired from a long flight, there can be no better choice than a private airport transfer direct to your destination. Also, booking a private transfer is the safest way to take you to your destination. Private transfer in Ulaanbaatar is not that expensive but gives you the following benefits;

  • Less stress
  • Comfort and reduced tension
  • Security and reliability
  • And more …

We also offer airport transfer service starting from 35 USD (105,000 MNT) from the new International Ulaanbaatar airport. You can book and schedule your transfer with us. 

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5. Driving to new Ulaanbaatar airport

The new Ulaanbaatar airport is connected with the city by a 32.5 km new highway road through Yarmag Bureau-Aitsyn Davaa-Turgen Bridge-Bukhogikhutul-Khushig Valley and no U-turns on this road.

The road toll point is at the gate of an airport. Toll:

Vehicle types

Road fee (one-way)

Sedan, SUV (less than 8 seats) and Motorcycle

2,000 MNT

Minivan (less than 16 seats)

10,000 MNT


20,000 MNT

Airport parking fee:



1-30 min

31-60 min

61-90 min

91-120 min

121-150 min

More than 150 min

Car with less than 8 seats

500 MNT

1500 MNT

2000 MNT

2500 MNT

3000 MNT

4500 MNT

Vehicles with more than 8 seats

1000 MNT

2000 MNT

2500 MNT

3000 MNT

3500 MNT

Updated on 05 October 2021.

How far is Ulaanbaatar Airport to city center?

New Ulaanbaatar airport is located 52 km from the city center (from Sukhbaatar square) in Khushitgt valley, Tuv province.

is there public bus line to airport?

Yes, there are 4 bus routes to airport.

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