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Chinggis khaan airport

Ulaanbaatar airport: The guide from arrival to departure

Getting to Mongolia by air (International flights)

Table of Contents

The majority of the visitors come to Mongolia by air. Mongolia has only one international airport named as Chinggis khaan International airport. It operates all flights to Mongolia and domestic flights through this airport. Chinggis khaan international airport runs 24 hours and serves 1000 passengers per hour.

Ulaanbaatar airport (uln airport) is located in Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian capital, and 18 km from the city center. 

Chinggis khaan airport is a small airport compared with other nation’s airports. Still, there are necessary facilities in Ulaanbaatar airport. The airport has one gate for international departures and another for domestic flights on the second floor. Arrival gate (foreign and local) is on the first floor, and it is easy to find, no confusion.

When departure comes, you will see a lot of crowds. It is only one airport; therefore, you will also see many Mongolians there. It is also available to check the live status of Arrivals and Departures at the airport. Also, free Wi-Fi is available.

Several airlines are flying to Mongolia i including Mongolian Airlines (MIAT), Turkish Airlines, Korean Air, Aeroflot, Air China, Asiana Airlines, Tianjin air, Air Pusan, Angara Airlines, SCAT Airlines, Hunnu air, Ezines airways, and Aero Mongolia.

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direct flights to mongolia

Direct flights to Mongolia

In 2020, the airlines mentioned above have direct flights to several international destinations from Chinggis Khaan International airport (ULN) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

  1. From/to Berlin (TXL), Germany
  2. To/from Frankfurt (FRA), Germany (see the scheduled flights)  
  3. From/ to Moscow (SVO), Russia
  4. To/from Irkutsk(IKT), Russia
  5. From/to Ulan-Ude (UUD), Russia
  6. To/from Beijing (PEK), China
  7. From/to Hohhot (HET), China
  8. From/to Guangzhou (CAN), China
  9. From /to Manzhouli (NZH), China
  10. From/to Hailar (HLD), China
  11. From/to Tianjin (TSN), China
  12. From/to Hong Kong (HKG)
  13. From/to Bishkek (FRU), Kyrgyzstan
  14. From/to Istanbul (IST), Turkey
  15. From/ to Bangkok (BKK), Thailand
  16. To/ from Tokyo (NRT), Japan
  17. From /to Osaka (KIX), Japan
  18. From/to Seoul (ICN), South Korea
  19. To/from Busan (PUS), South Korea
  20. From/to Astana (TSE), Kazakhstan

Getting around Mongolia by air (Domestic flights)

There are 16 paved airstrips around Mongolia. Aero Mongolia and Hunnu Air operate domestic flights in Mongolia. There are ten destinations have an operational trip in 2020.
Aero Mongolia operates domestic and international flights in Mongolia since 2001. Domestically, they fly by Fokker-50 aircraft to Khovd, Ulgii, Ulaangom, Altai, Murun, Khan bumbat in 2019. Hunnu Air also operates flights to Khovd, Ulaangom, Ulgii, Choibalsan, Dalanzadgad, and Murun city.
You can search for their ticket online or buy from the ticket office in Ulaanbaatar city.

Here are the scheduled flight from Ulaanbaatar airport to other provinces.
1. Ulaanbaatar (ULN) to Murun (MXV)
2. Ulaanbaatar (ULN) to Dalanzadgad (DLZ)
3. Ulaanbaatar (ULN) to Ulgii (ULG)
4. Ulaanbaatar (ULN) to Ulaangom (ULO)
5. Ulaanbaatar (ULN) to Khovd (HVD)
6. Ulaanbaatar (ULN) to Choibalsan (COQ)
7. Ulaanbaatar (ULN) to Altai (LTI)

Ulaanbaatar airport departures 

Airport departures are on the second floor. You can find the following services on this floor.

  1. Departure halls ( international and domestic )
  2. Business hall
  3. Departure hall for Domestic honored guests
  4. Mobile phone services
  5. Banks and ATMs
  6. Baggage packing service
  7. Food shops

Most people and ticket offices advise you to come to the airport before 2 hours in your departure time. I understand this is because of Ulaanbaatar traffic, but the check-in desk opens 45-60 minutes before flight time. It comes earlier; you need to wait. Check-in desk, security, and immigration process takes around 30 minutes.

2nd floor of airport

Ulaanbaatar airport arrivals 

The arrival hall is located on the first floor of the airport. Also, there are the following services.

  1. Arrival gate and Hall ( international and domestic flights)
  2. Hall of Honored Guests
  3. Hospital
  4. Police 
  5. Information desk ( 1900-1980 )
  6. Luggage storage 
  7. Taxi Service
  8. Coffee shops

Security checks take no more extended time. Immigration takes some time. Then you get the luggage section. If you can’t find your luggage, there is a desk for a lost luggage record. Lost luggage record takes time, be patient. One gate is to the main hall of the airport on the first floor.

First foloor of ulaanbaatar airport

Ulaanbaatar airport services

Convenience store (food shop)

You can have some food (snacks, burgers, some Mongolian fast food, and drinks). Still, people always complain they open late and close early, but there is a business lounge on the 2nd floor and good coffee shop “Tom and Toms” on the 1st floor open now.

Banks and ATMs

You can exchange your money or get local currency from ATMs. There are several bank at the ulaanbaatar airport. It would be best if you remembered banks open daytime. however ATMs are avaliable 24 hours. 

Sim card at Ulaanbaatar airport

There is branch service office of mobile operator, Mobicom corpration on the second floor of the airport. they work in daytime. if your flight lands daytime, you can buy sim card at the airport. 

Baggage store service

There are baggage store is at the airport. One luggage is 5000 MNT for per day. if you need it, you should meet the senior on duty (phone: 976-11-283054).

Duty-free shops

Duty-free shops have a good selection of alcohol, cashmere, and souvenirs at a reasonable price, but the option is limited as compared in the city.

The medical point

The medical point is open for 24 hours. Any passengers, customers, and staff can get necessary medical assistance in case of emergencies. Phone: 976-11-283033

Taking a taxi at Ulaanbaatar airport

Ulaanbaatar airport taxi

You can take a taxi at Ulaanbaatar airport outside of the main arrival hall. There are UB taxis in the line.
There are UB taxis with a price of 25000-40000 MNT to the city center, consider that depending on your location.
Also, someone can ask you to take a taxi service at the airport. If you need to take them, negotiate the price first. If there are no official taxis, this would be your next choice.
There are only 600 official taxis serve in the UB that means not enough to Ulaanbaatar citizens. So people doing the taxi service with their private cars are everyday things in Ulaanbaatar today.

Security check requirements

1. Please, take out over-sized electronic devices or laptops from handbag to be examined by X-ray equipment.
2. It permits to carry less than 100ml containers of the liquid items, gel or aerosol in hand baggage by passengers. But the volume of all containers should not exceed 1 liter.
There are:
Water, soda, juice, alcohol, vine, soup, cream, honey, Cleaning tonic cream, perfume, Spray, Cosmetics belonging, shaving gel, Toothpaste, Gel, hair gel, tonic, Soap, shampoo, conditioner
3. Containers of liquid items, gel or aerosol, should be packed in a transparent plastic bag that can be re-sealed. Each passenger can carry only one bag on one flight.
4. A certain amount of liquid dairy products for passengers with babies and essential liquid medicine for diabetic patients or other patients can carry along with the passengers after a security check. There is no limitation.

New Ulaanbaatar International airport

The new airport is constructed as the new Ulaanbaatar international airport and invested $ 540 million from Japan with a 40-year low-interest loan. It is 52 km from Ulaanbaatar city center and located in Khushigtiin khundii, Sergelen soum, Tuv province.

The arrangement of the buildings and structures were expected to use for millions of passengers.

Airstrip – 3 600 m

Car parking – 825

Terminal area – 37 000 m / sq. M

The height of the tower – 41 m

The new airport is now nearly completed on the construction and expected to start operation in July 2019.

UPDATE: 32.2 km highway road to New Ulaanbaatar international airport is officially opened on 5th July 2019, and the testing flight has successfully landed on the new international airport. The prime minister of Mongolia and other officials attended the opening ceremony. The current airport can serve one million passengers a year, and New Ulaanbaatar airport will be available to receive 3-5 million passengers a year.

Officials said that the new airport would be fully operational after ten months as of May 2020.

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