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Ulaanbaatar weather: When is the best time in the city?

Ulaanbaatar weather belongs continental harsh climate, consists of four seasons. Because Ulaanbaatar is located at 1350 meter above sea level and around 1600 km from the Pacific Ocean, like 5310 km from Ecuador to the north, and 4390 km from the Arctic. Weather information is collected from National Agency Meteorology and the Environmental Monitoring. 

What is the maximum weather in Ulaanbaatar?

Basically, Winter in Ulaanbaatar is dry cold, the maximum temperature recorded as -49°C and summer maximum temperature is 38.6°C. Temperature gap is 86.7°C which means barely a harsh climate.

Moreover, the Average annual temperature is -3C, the coldest time is -26°C and up in January, The day has the temperature above -30°C is approx. 40 days.

As a matter of fact, The warmest time is between around 29, May and 2, September, is around 90 days, which temperature never downs under 0°C.  Then the hottest month is July and the normal temperature is 17°C, plus the hottest is 38°C.

There are around sunny 250 days in Ulaanbaatar. less windy in winter but has much wind in spring. no windy days for 100 days while normal Wind is 4-6 m/s from North West. Finally,  Average precipitation a year is 233-270 mm and the maximum is 75 mm in August.

 Ulaanbaatar weather averages (monthly)

You can find the monthly weather averages in Ulaanbaatar like January to December with temperature, precipitation, and daylight hours on the below table.

MonthsTemperature (°C)Precipitation (mm)Daylights (hours)
January  -16 to -3327
February-12 to -3028
March-17 to 039
April-6 to 1189
May0 to 171512
June8 to 235011
July11 to 266511
August8 to 237511
September0 to 173010
October-7 to 8810
November -5 to -2159
December-14 to -2937

Ulaanbaatar weather in spring

Mongolians traditionally consider that spring comes after the lunar new year. Spring lasts from March to mid of May. During this season the weather gets warmer day by day, the temperature decreases from -17°c to above 0°c. It is also the windiest season not only Ulaanbaatar but also in Mongolia.

Summertime in Ulaanbaatar

May, June, July, and August are referring summer months, normal temp from 0°c to 23° c. In the season, you most likely experience nice weather even though the highest precipitation is in July and August. If you plan to travel, you would better come to this time.

Autumn weather in the city.

Autumn season has a good time to travel September, 1st to mid of October. Instead, the weather gets colder and air pollution levels.

Winter of Mongolia capital

Ulaanbaatar winter is dry, cold and snow. that’s why temperature identically gets below 0°c and the coldest month is January. The biggest problem is still air pollution at this time. In this season, air pollution levels in Ulaanbaatar, among the highest in the world. Data collected by the Government of Mongolia (GoM) reported on 30 January 2018, at 05:00, air pollution levels of 3,320 µg/m³ (at Baruun 4 zam), this was 133 times the recommended daily average concentration. Air pollution becomes very serious health problems. So we advise you not to stay in Ulaanbaatar longer during winter.

For the weather situation, the best time to travel in Ulaanbaatar is between June 1st and August 15.

More information about the city, please visit our Ulaanbaatar guide on this site.

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