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Guide to New Ulaanbaatar airport (Chinggis khaan International airport)

New ulaanbaatar internatinal airport

Mongolia has only one international airport which is named “Chinggis khaan International airport”. It operates all international flights from/to Mongolia and domestic flights through this airport as well.

New International Ulaanbaatar airport (uln airport) is located in Khushigt Valley in Tuv province. The airport started to serve on July 4th, 2021, and is 52 km far from the city center and connected by a paved road. The new airport can be smaller than you expected. But clean and comfortable, and more good services and facilities compared with the old one. 

Chinggis khan international airport has the basic necessary facilities and several airlines flying to Mongolia including Mongolian Airlines (MIAT), Turkish Airlines, Korean Air, Aeroflot, Air China, Asiana Airlines, Tianjin air, Air Pusan, Angara Airlines, SCAT Airlines, Hunnu air, Ezines airways, and Aero Mongolia.

If you are coming to Mongolia first time, the following information would be helpful for you. 

New Ulaanbaatar airport - International flight departure schedule - 2023

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Ulaanbaatar airport arrivals 

Ulaanbaatar airprort arrival min 1

The international and domestic arrival hall is located on the first floor of the airport. Also, in the arrival hall, there are an airport information desk, banks, ATMs, restaurants, fast food, a coffee shop, a supermarket, a lost and found, a luggage storage service, mobile operators, and taxi service desk, and a smoking room.

Please see the airport flight arrival live status below

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Ulaanbaatar airport departures 

Ulaanbaatar airprort departures min

International and domestic flight departures are on the second floor of New International airport. You can find the following services on this floor.

  1. Departure halls ( international and domestic )
  2. Business lounge
  3. Restaurants,
  4. Convenience store
  5. Banks and ATMs
  6. Currency exchange
  7. Baggage wrapping service
  8. Pharmacy
  9. Duty-free shops
  10. Souvenir shops

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Ulaanbaatar airprort serivce 1 min

Services at New Ulaanbaatar airport

From the International airport office, the following services are offered.

Business hall- a comfortable and cozy environment with border control, and a security check in one place.

Information service desk – with accurate information on flight and airport services 24 hours a day.

Medical service – Provide first aid service and if necessary, transfer to related hospitals.
Contact: 976-7128-7333.

Nursing rooms – for mothers with toddlers aged  0-3 are available at the airport for their nursing, and changing diapers.

Children’s playground – The playground is equipped with hygiene-safe toys and equipment for children aged 2-12 years are available at the airport.

Luggage Storage – Store your baggage securely for a long term of up to 30 days. Payment calculates per day. The cost per day is MNT of 10 000.

Lost & Found – All lost & found items will be kept in our storage for up to two weeks for free of charge.

Meet & Assist – Provide assistance services for following passengers who need special care.

The wrapping service is on the second floor.

The smoking room is on the 1st floor.

Free wifi and baby strollers, and wheelchairs are available.

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Banks, ATMs, and Currency exchange places,

Banks: Golomt and TDB banks are located in the arrival hall and open on workdays. However, please consider their timetable.
Golomt bank is open from 09:00 to 16:00 on workdays and closed on weekends.
TDB bank is open from 09:00 to 17:00 on workdays and closed on weekends.

ATMs: Several ATMs are available next to the arrival gate on the 1st floor and a few ATMs are in the departure hall ( on the 2nd floor).

Currency exchange places: Nomin currency exchange is on the second floor and next to the elevator. opening hours is between 5:00am and 11:00pm everyday.

Sim card at Ulaanbaatar airport

If you want to buy a sim card, there are 2 mobile operators offices in the arrival hall at the airport. Mobicom and Unitel are both the biggest mobile operators and have the widest network in the country.
Unitel offers the following prepaid data-rich 4G sim cards for travelers and visitors.

Plan 1: 3 GB data, Units 5000 MNT Terms: 5-day. The price is 15000 MNT.
Plan 2: 10GB data, units: 10000 MNT, terms: 10 days. The price is 25000 MNT.
Plan 1: 20 GB data, Units: 20000 MNT, Terms: 30-day. The price is 40000 MNT.

Plan 1 – 15000 MNT

Data: 3GB

Units: 5000 MNT

Terms: 5 days.

Plan 2 – 25000 MNT

Data: 10GB

Units: 10000 MNT

Terms: 10 days.

Plan 3 – 40000 MNT

Data: 20GB

Units: 20000 MNT

Terms: 30 days.

Airport bus and taxis

There are Ulaanbaatar airport shuttle bus and taxi service desks on the 1st floor. you can book your bus or taxi with them. To find the ways to get to city center, please check this out.

Other useful tips

  • If you are traveling through an international Ulaanbaatar airport and need to stay the night, you might be surprised to find that there are no hotels at the airport. If you are transiting through the airport, it is a good idea to book a hotel in the city before your flight so you don’t have to spend your time searching for one after you land. Also, make sure that you book your taxi between the airport and the city because it will make your trip easier and more convenient.
  • The airlines and the ticket offices advise you to come to the airport 2 hours before your departure. This will give you time to check in, drop off your luggage, and go through security.
  • It takes normally 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to the airport. However, it will take you about 2 hours to get to the airport on traffic jam days. Traffic jams are the most frustrating thing in Ulaanbaatar city. The reason that traffic jams are so unpredictable here. So, it is important to plan ahead with your airport transfer provider and make sure you have enough time for traffic jams.
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Do you need Ulaanbaatar airport transfer?

We offer reliable, personalized, safe pickups and drop-offs.