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Ulaanbatar bus

Public buses and routes in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar public buses are the primary transportation system in the city and the cheapest way to travel in Ulaanbaatar. The 1,200 daily buses of 21 companies serve the people on 79 routes in the capital city.

Besides, Mongolia has a network of long-distance buses to other provincial cities and towns from Ulaanbaatar city. Planning to travel by public buses, please check our long-distance bus page.

Public buses are reliable, and departure frequent is good. Some routes get crowded. Also, public buses are getting crowded during rush hours in the morning people going to work and in the evening, people going home.

You can also you UB Smart Bus application to track buses and find bus stops. Even application menus are in English, bus lines and bus stops are in Mongolian Cyrillic. If you know Mongolian, no problem to use the app.

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Public Bus fare and U money bus card

In Ulaanbaatar, One-way is 500 MNT for the buses and 300 MNT for trolleybus.
Since 2016, cash payment is not accepted on board, so you need to buy a U money bus card, which is 3600 MNT. The card has no money. The minimum charging amount is 500 MNT, and the maximum is 90000 MNT.
Transiting is free of charge when changing the bus within 30 minutes. This way does not work when you change the bus with the same line or not tapping the card when you get off the bus.

How to use public buses?

1. Buy a U-money bus card and charge. You can find a U-money bus card (3600 MNT) from kiosks/convenience store at the major bus stops, and Circle K, CU, and V point convenience stores. Circle K, CU, and V point convenience stores open 24 hours. Charge the card with the appropriate amount you wish.
2. Find the correct bus line. All the bus lines are written in Cyrillic in front of the bus. Go to the nearest bus stop for the bus. Remember the bus sign and take it.
3. Entering the bus through the front door and tap the card at the fare collection machine next to the driver. Using google map to track your travel is the natural and better way since there is no English information.
4. When taking the wrong bus, get off the next bus stop. Do not forget to tap the card on the machine to use your free transiting within 30 minutes.
5. Drop off the bus through the middle or back door. Before drop off, tap the card on the machine next to the door.

Ulaanbaatar public bus map in English

hiring a driver

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Here are Ulaanbaatar public bus lines from the Transport department of Ulaanbaatar city released in 2019. There are major 40 public bus lines.

Ulaanbaatar bus map

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