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Ulaanbaatar city

Ulaanbaatar (Улаанбаатар), a capital city of Mongolia, is located on the foot of the Bogd Khan Mountain and at the bank of Tuul River. Mongolia’s capital city is also known as one of the peaceful cities in Asia and the surviving city from nomadic civilization into western culture.

Historically, the city originated from the Buddhist town of Udur Gegen Zanabazar, who proclaimed as the first Buddhist head of Mongolia in 1639. The first city, named “Urguu” and located in Burd sum, Uvurkhangai province, moved to the current location in 1778.

Ulaanbaatar is the most-visited place in Mongolia, and the city is surrounded by Ger districts (Mongolian yurt). City has a few old Buddhist temples, which are an integral part of nomadic culture. You will also see a lot of modern architectural buildings in the city center.

Also, there are famous historical and cultural landmarks, including Sukhbaatar square, Zaisan hill, Bogd khaan winter palace museums, and Buddhist sites-the Gandan monastery, Choijin lama temple in the city. These will offer you exciting insights.

Moreover, The city has various options for serving western and eastern dishes and traditional Mongolian food. You can also stay in different accommodations, including from international chain hotels through Mongolian local star-rated hotels, hostels, and guesthouses to traditional Mongolian dwellings in the city.

Top attractions in Ulaanbaatar

sukhbaatar square 1

1. Sukhbaatar square

Central Square in Ulaanbaatar

zaisan hill

2. Zaisan Hill Memorial

national history museum mongolia

3. National History museum

Bogd khaan winter palace musuem 1

4. Bogd khan winter palace

Gandan monastery

5. Gandan Monastery

One of the oldest surviving monasteries.

naran tuul market

6. Naran tuul market

The biggest local market.

Choijin lama musuem 1

7. Choijin lama Museum

Zanabazar musem

8. Zanabazar fine art museum